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Job Title Design Center Coordinator / Design Assistant*
Location Dayton, NJ*
*Position is based out of Dayton, NJ
Department Design Center
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Reports to Design Center Manager
Shifts hiring Full-time

Design Assistant


The Design Assistant is a key role in the successful functioning of the Design Studio. It is imperative that the clients entering the studio are the main priority. Though the studio browsing is typically on the weekends there may still be those that will visit the Design Studio during the week. As such it is the ultimate duty of all Design Assistants to ensure that browsers are assisted promptly and professionally.

Design Assistant Responsibilities include:


Browsers- The homebuyer takes priority over all additional responsibilities. There must always be a Design Assistant available when browsers are in the studio. Please take your laptop and any work to an available workstation to ensure accessibility and approachability to all browsers. Please be sure to include all pricing quotes and selections of interest in the buyers file to ensure the assigned Design Consultant is updated on the buyer’s progress and requests.

Studio Maintenance:

Showroom- All Design Assistants are required to conduct a full studio sweep at the start and the end of each day.

Setup/ Breakdown for Designer Appointments- There may be requests to assist with breakdown and setup of products needed for design selections appointments.

Design Studio Tours, Preview Night, Reselects and Quick Delivery Homes:

Client Files- The Design Assistants will be assigned client files to prepare for buyer tours and the design selections appointments. All files must be given to the designated Design Consultant promptly to ensure accuracy during design appointments.

Studio Tours- Design Studio product tours will be conducted throughout the day. It is imperative that you check your schedule at the start of the day as there are instances when a last-minute tour may be scheduled. Please review information with the buyer that may change any paperwork to ensure a more seamless appointment with their Designer.

Preview Night- Every Wednesday the Design Studio hosts a Preview Night for new homebuyers. Prior to the start of the tour, conduct a sweep to ensure that the studio is organized. Refreshments are prepared for the guests and must be handled appropriately to ensure the safety of our guests. Please use tongs and gloves when preparing the food and ensure all packages are sealed properly when storing them. When guests arrive, please ensure that they receive their preview packet. After the event, please ensure the studio is neat for the next day.

Reselects- There are many instances when a homebuyer will need to re-select one of their selections. The Project Manager will reach out to the Design Center and When assigned a reselect the Design Assistant must ensure prompt processing. When the reselection process is complete the information must be recorded on the Reselect Trackers in the Design Studio copy room and on the M-drive under Design Studio.


Quick Delivery Home (QDH)- The Design Assistant may be assigned a QDH to complete. It is imperative that the file is processed in a timely manner to prevent delays in the field. If you are not able to complete the assigned QDH, please turn it in for re-assignment without issue.

Community Information:

All Design Assistants are responsible for the production and maintenance of the Community Binders. The binders will be used for quick reference but more importantly as a tool for the buyers to gain more information. The information must be updated frequently as these binders will be available on the floor. All information pertaining to the community should be included in the binder (community contacts, standard features, appliances, electrical diagrams, plumbing, cabinet layouts, detailed pictures of each model and what selections are displayed in each model).

Design Studio Products:               

The products and information available in the Design Center must be maintained consistently. Each Design Assistant will be assigned a designated product to ensure accuracy of the information available throughout the studio. Products must be monitored for damages/ inaccuracies and reported to the vendor for replacement. Design Assistants will be required to maintain monthly email contact with each vendor they are assigned to ensure all product information is updated and any changes are reported immediately. All changes must be presented to the Design Studio Manager and must be reported to the Design Studio Staff.

Individual Responsibilities:

All Design Assistants will be assigned a specific area of responsibility as it pertains to the products. The areas will include:

 Tile and Carpet

Cabinets, Hardwood and Countertops

Fireplaces and Lighting

Appliances, Plumbing and Vignette Information Signs

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